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Solar Hot Water

Solar Hot Water uses the energy from the sun to heat water that is then stored in a hot water cylinder for use in washing and cleaning. Over the course of a year you can expect a Solar Hot Water system to contribute up to 70% to your hot water requirements.
We offer both Kingspan and Dimplex Solar Hot Water products including:

  • Kingspan heat pipe, Direct flow and Varisol evacuated tube collectors with manufacturers 20 year tube warranty.
  • Kingspan intergrated and non-intergrated Flat Plate solar with manufacturers 10 year panel warranty.
  • Dimplex heat pipe and direct flow evacuated tube collectors with manufacturers 20 year tube warranty.
  • Dimplex Intergrated and Non-Intergrated Flat Plate solar with manufacturers 10 year panel warranty.

We offer a range of additional mounting solutions to cover all circumstances including:

  • A-frame mounting kits for flat roof or ground mounting.
  • Flat to roof mounting systems.
  • Flat to a wall mounting systems.

Some of the advantages of solar hot water systems are:

  • Reduced household bills
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Improve your building energy rating
  • Improved comfort levels, people with solar hot water systems tend to always have an abundance of hot water on tap, especially during the summer, and when a solar installation is combined with a new shower and booster pump the shower is often much nicer as well.
  • Grants aid available of €800 for existing houses when installed to certain conditions.

Please contact us for more information or to arrange a quotation for a solar system sized for you.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are among some of the most environmentally friendly heating systems on the market today. Getting about 75% of their energy from the environment and the remaining 25% from electricity, they are one of the most energy efficient methods of heating available.

Heat Pumps are often designated by their heat source, and will fall into one of the following 3 categories:

  • Ground Source (Geothermal) Heat Pumps extract heat from the ground using a collector which is either laced horizontally in the ground or dropped down a bore hole.
  • Air Source (air to water) Heat Pumps extract heat from the outdoor air, operating in temperatures down to -25°C.
  • Water to Water Heat Pumps extract heat from the ground water. If there is sufficient supply available, this can be the most efficient heating system of them all.

Heat pumps are similar in operation to a refrigerator, a heat pump extracts heat from the environment as a refrigerator does from food, and as the refrigerator dissipates this heat on its fins on the back, a heat pump dissipates its heat into the houses heating system via a heat exchanger.

There are many advantages to Heat Pump system including:

  • Low carbon emissions, as much as 50% over a oil fired system.
  • Low running cost, typically 65% less than a oil fired system, but can often be more.
  • Low maintenance
  • Long working life of 20-25 years, which is double what an oil or gas boiler is expected.
  • High efficiency, somewhere between 300% to 500% depending on system and conditions.
  • Single integrated heating and hot water control.
  • Single heating solution to meet part L of the building regulations and planning conditions.
  • Solar Photovoltaic or a Wind Turbine can be installed to further reduce emissions and reduce operating costs.

Please contact us for further details on a heat pump that is suitable for you.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating works by circulating a low temperature heat through your floors heating your house from the bottom-up not from the top-down which is how a radiator heats.

There are many advantages to underfloor heating including:

  • Increased comfort levels.
  • Increased safety for the children and elderly as there are no hot surfaces.
  • No unsightly radiators hanging on the walls.
  • Complete freedom when furnishing your home.
  • Reduced problems for allergy sufferers.
  • Combine with a Heat Pump for potential annual savings of 60% and above.

I use top quality PEX-AL-PEX 5 layer aluminium barrier piping that ensures a 100% oxygen barrier which prevents corrosion in the heating system and ensures a long working life
All underfloor specifications are for a tight spacing of pipe to ensure that even in the coldest conditions the heating system will be able to heat the house. An increased surface area amounts to lower input temperatures enabling the Heat Pump or oil/gas boiler to operate at lower temperatures, ensuring a reduction in the running costs.

Please contact us for more details or for a quotation for your underfloor heating system.

Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation

Xpelair has been manufacturing and developing ventilation systems for over 50 years and have their products distributed to over 80 countries worldwide. With the need to reduce carbon emissions and new regulations being introduced on building air tightness, they are at the forefront in the development of MHRV systems.

A mechanical heat recovery ventilation system works by extracting polluted, damp air from your kitchen, bathrooms and other wet rooms through ducting and exhausted into the atmosphere. At the same time it draws in fresh air which is heated by the air which is being expelled, and delivers it to the living spaces leaving the house feeling fresh, like leaving the window open, but without the cooling effects.

The benefits of MHRV go beyond the reduction of heating costs and improved energy efficiency. These include:

  • A constant supply of fresh air throughout the house.
  • Increased comfort levels.
  • Lowering of 0f humidity.
  • Eliminating condensation.
  • Improving the occupant’s health due to the fact that the dampness that dust mites breed in has been removed.
  • Great benefit for allergy sufferers.

Each installation will have a custom design done to ensure that the correct air changes are achieved. Please contact us to discuss the benefits of heat recovery ventilation or to arrange a quotation for your house.

Solar Photovoltaic

Solar Photovoltaic uses the free energy from the sun to produce electricity. This electricity is then converted into a usable voltage using an inverter to allow it to be used around the house to run your lighting or appliances, if you are generating more power than what you are using, the excess energy can be put into the electricity grid, offsetting your electricity bill or if you generate more than you use you may receive money back from your supplier.

Advantages of a Photovoltaic Solar system are:

  • Zero carbon emissions.
  • Reduced dependency on electricity providers.
  • Help guard against future increases in energy bills.
  • Make money, receiving payments for excess energy produced.
  • Long life span, typically 30 years or more.
  • No maintenance.
  • No moving parts.
  • Increase of house value.
  • Improved building energy rating.
  • Help in meeting part L of the building regulation and planning conditions with a single system.
  • When a large enough system is combined with a heat pump you can eliminate your heating bills all together.

Please contact us to discuss how solar electricity can work for you.


Rain Water Harvesting

With the coming of water rates, rain water harvesting can be a great way for you to reduce your bills.  Rain water is collected from the roof of your house and stored in tanks, buried in the garden. This water is then used in washing, cleaning, watering the garden and toilet flushing.

It can either be installed as a direct system where the water is pumped directly to your taps or gravity fed, with the water being pumped to an attic tank first and with an automatic mains water backup fitted.

Some advantages include:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduced dependency on public water supplies
  • Reduced water bills (when metering comes in)
  • Generally speaking no treatment required
  • Suitable for all people
  • Suitable for existing and new builds

Please contact us for further information or to arrange a free quotation.

Heating control upgrade

With oil prices increasing all the time it is getting more important than ever to increase the heating efficiency in your home. Upgrading your heating controls is one sure-fire way to help control those costs. A heating control upgrade could involve some or all of the following work depending on how far you wish to go, but could include:

  • Splitting the heating into a minimum of 2 zones, one for heating radiators and one for hot water. In some cases it may be possible to separate the ground and first floor or the bedrooms from the living space, creating 3 zones.
  • With the addition of Thermostatic radiator valves you will be able to adjust room temperatures.
  • Wall or cylinder Thermostats fitted to the zones to stop heating once the desired room or cylinder temperature has been reached.
  • Upgrading of the insulation on all exposed pipes.
  • Replacement of lagging jacket.
  • Fitting of timer on immersion.
  • Fitting of by-pass valve.
  • Upgrading the earth bonding.

Some of the benefits of the heating control upgrade include:

  • Increased comfort levels
  • Reduced running cost
  • Improved building energy rating
  • Increased house value.
  • In some cases receive a rebate from the governments better energy homes grant scheme of €400 or combined with a new boiler €560.

Combined with a high efficiency boiler upgrade huge savings can be made on your heating bills by upgrading and modernising your heating system.

Call us to arrange a free evaluation on what heating control upgrades are available for you.

Whole House Power Flushing

Over the lifetime of your heating system, sludge and metal oxides will build up, reducing your heating systems efficiency and increasing your running costs. By Power Flushing your heating system you will:

  • Increase your heating efficiency
  • Reduce your heating bills
  • Reduce your heat-up time
  • Reduce or eliminate boiler noise
  • Reduce the chance of boiler breakdown
  • Protect your heating system from future costly repairs due to pipes, radiators and valves being blocked or damaged beyond repair from sludge

What a whole house power flushing will include:

  • Adding a special cleaning agent to assist in breaking up the sludge in the system.
  • Using a specialised pump with filters that remove the dirty water.
  • Flushing the cleaning solution through the system, one radiator at a time.
  • Rebalancing of the heating system.
  • Addition of inhibitor to help reduce future sludge build up.
  • As an optional extra, a special in-line filter for collecting magnetic and non-magnetic contaminates from your heating system can be fitted, ensuring that your heating system will maintain its new found efficiency for many years to come.

Who needs a radiator flush?

  • Anyone who has radiators not heating correctly
  • Anyone that has seen a steady rise in the time it takes to heat a room
  • Anyone with circulation pumps that are seizing
  • Anyone with Thermostatic radiator valves that are not operating correctly
  • Anyone who wants to reduce the home heating bills
  • Anyone who wants to protect their system from costly repairs in the future

Please call to arrange a evaluation for your properties power flushing.

Our Products

  • Solar hot water
  • Heat pumps
  • Underfloor heating
  • Mechanical heat recovery ventilation
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Heating control upgrade

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