• Solar hot water

    solar pv ireland

    Solar hot water uses the energy from the sun to heat water that is then stored in a hot water cylinder for use in washing and cleaning.


  • Heat pumps

    heat pumps ireland

    Heat Pumps take energy out of the ground, air or water and with the use of a compressor, increases this heat to a level usable for home heating.


  • Underfloor heating

    geothermal heat

    Underfloor heating is a form of heating which achieves indoor climate control for thermal comfort using conduction, radiation & convection.



Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation

With an increase in the awareness of the need to conserve energy by making our houses air tight and a need to help contain that energy, mechanical heat recovery ventilation can go a long way in assisting you accomplish this in all new build housing including Passive and Low energy houses.

Rain Water Harvesting

With the coming of water rates, rain water harvesting can be a sure fire way for you to reduce your bills. Rain water is collected from the roof of your house and stored in a buried tank in the garden. This water can then be used for washing, cleaning and toilet flushing.

Solar PV

Talk to us about reducing your household electricity bills.

Radiator power flushing

Rejuvenate your heating system with a professional heating system clean.

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